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How to use Click. Reward!

Training your dog using the Click. Reward! app is simple and, well, rewarding! 

In its simplest form, here are the steps:

  1. "Load" the sound
  2. Click for good behaviors that you want to capture
  3. Reward on EVERY click.
  4. Ask for more and more before clicking
  5. Don't forget the JACKPOT

Loading the sound

First things first, your pup needs to understand that the Click. Reward! sound is good. So... push that button and give them a treat! Just keep hitting the Click. Reward! and buying your dogs love rewarding them with a treat.

After a little bit of time (10 - 15 clicks may be enough), you'll see that sparkle in their eye and know they get it.

Now you're ready to start training!

Click. Reward!


Click for good behaviors that you want to capture

If your pup already knows any commands, ask them to do one and Click. Reward! when they complete the task.

If you're just starting, no problem. Use a treat to lure your pup into position (like holding it just by their nose and moving your hand back until they sit) the Click. Reward! as soon as they make it to the position you're looking for!

Dogs are better at understanding hand motions than verbal cues. So as you practice, wait for them to complete the task somewhat consistently before you "name" the action.

For more complex tricks like crawling, begging, or jumping, use Click. Reward! to mark incremental puppy steps! 

Remember you want training to be fun, so always end with a positive note, and if you see your pup getting frustrated, give them a break... It is all new and exciting for them. 

Reward EVERY click

The benefit of the clicker is that it's faster and more precise to mark good behaviors than using your voice. Your goal is to keep the Click. Reward! sound working like a bit of dopamine spike to the puppy brain. So if you click... dont' forget to reward! 

Ask for more and more before clicking.

As your pup gets better at tricks, you don't have to click every step. Like, we get it Fido, you know how to sit, we're going to need to see some more out of you!

And if you're working on more complex or multi-step tricks, Click. Reward! on small improvements until the whole action is something they can perform every time. 

Sure, sometimes it's two steps forward, one step back, and that's ok, this is about communicating with your pup and making progress over time. 

Don't forget the JACKPOT

One more tip. Every now and again, give a BIG reward. Like multiple treats or an extra special treat! It works on pup just like Grandma and the slot machines to keep excited about the next BIG WIN. 

For some more information on dog training, check out this American Kennel Club advice article.